Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hi blog whom never left me though i abandoned u for a year. 2hb aug is approaching real soon. U know how is the feeling when u'd planned everything but then something came up in the middle. I keep on believing. Time heals everything. But one thing for certain. Time can't return your past. Why to put the blame on others when everything has stated in luah mahfuz? Why u've to be so cruel when people being nice to u? And what even worse. Why uhave to downgrade people when u don't really know who there are? Talking about 'pahala dan dosa'. Yes. When i don't say anything. Doesn't means i'm okay. I just HAVE to pretend to be okay so that people who hurt me won't be sinful. I try to reflect myself. Indeed! I have flaws. So many flaws that me myself can't even hide them eventhough i'm wearing make up and appear with confident.

Ya Tuhanku, jika dia bukan milikku. Kau tetapkanlah hati aku untuk redha dengan ujian Mu ini. Tapi jika Kau catatkan dia sebagai teman hidupku. Kau tetapkanlah hati aku agar aku tidak berpaling tadah. Sesungguhnya, Engkau Tuhan Yang Maha Berkuasa lagi Maha Mengetahui. Aminnn Ya Rabb.

P/S: Terima kasih kepada yang membaca dan mendoakan

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