Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I ain't perfect and this is not fairytale. I can't be your sun to shine your days. I can't be your rain to hide your tears. I can't be your protection to hide your flaws. I just can be myself to make you glow. Promise me to keep smiling and live well. You may say i coward since i posted here. I don't have the strength to face those problems created by me. A year of relationship just ended up in a day. I missed the old days. You heal my wound. You were by my side when i need someone to listen my mumbling. When you are tired. You still acting cool and entertain me. Those smile once because of me. Never faded in my mind. Just so you know. I wish you were. I'm just 20 years old. Why do i keep bothering my past? Why don't i just move on? 

Excuse me. Don't feel annoyed while reading my post. This kind of indescribable feeling keep bothering me. Keep haunted me. OR. Am i the one who can let you go? I tried my best to ignore you. But. I failed. I miss my mum so badly. God Almighty. I'd lost the people i loved when i really need them. Thanks for the lessons of a lifetime. 

Thank you for reading and not cursing me. Take care love

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