Sunday, September 18, 2011

"writing is a struggle against silence"

i prefer writing rather than speaking. because once i open my mouth. i tend to hurt others' feelings with my sarcasm words and arrogant acts. actually i don't like that kind of behaviour. it's so annoying to me. i'm a strong opponent. if u wish to push me down. i'll put more effort to replace u with me. personally, i don't like to mingle around with strangers. that's why i only be friend with certain people. but. it doesn't mean i'm choosy. not at all. i could be talkative sometimes and passive most of the time. my lecturer once had said to me. it's better for u to blogging. it doesn't matter in which language u're using. but still at least u're training yourself to write. it's also doesn't matter if u're using short form. still, it's better than nothing. talking craps, doing nothing. when i started to talk. people tend to change the topic. i don't mind at all. it keeps me quiet. but. don't u know. inside my heart, i'm  cursing u. what will u feel if i do the same thing? mad? in this life, i'd met many kinds of people and ways to handle them. so. people. i'm writing. without readers. it's still fine. because now. i feel i'd let out some burden from me. nahhhh! blog. u keep them all. wish to be here again next time. goodbye

"Writing is a struggle against silence"  
Carlos Fuentes

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